Precision Machining
cnc(four-axis ) machining parts

cnc(four-axis ) machining parts

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Fudong Machinery Manufacture Co., LTD. provides precision machining services for a diverse range of applications and industries. We can work with a wide variety of materials, including exotic materials such as inconel, and titanium; as well as many common materials such as plastics, aluminum, brass and mild steel.

At Fudong Machinery Manufacture Co., LTD., we maintain the highest standards of quality and precision. We thrive on meeting challenging applications that other companies would turn away. We offer our clients a full range of processes to complete their job, such as anodizing, plating, forging, casting, and mechanicalassembly and much more, so that you receive the parts that are ready for its designed purpose.

Our state of the art equipment gives us the repeatability, consistency and quality customers have come to expect. Whatever your part requirements are, we have the equipment.